Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Keep Streets Live - Church Street Mass Busk 2

Following on from yesterdays post I took myself down into the city centre to witness the 'Keep Streets Live' mass busk.

It was a great turnout with a diverse group of musicians and instruments, guitars, violins, drums a trumpet and a digeridoo... one percussionist even began drubbing a beat on the street furniture.

Remember, please sign this petition: http://keepstreetslive.com/

One notable absence was the groups of eastern European musicians who can often be heard with trumpets and accordions.  Perhaps they were not aware of this new legislation?

If it wasn't for the Keep Streets Live campaign I wouldn't know about the full scope of this legislation.  Although it has been announced in the Echo and other news sources I was not aware that the legislation would also effect non-musician street performances such as street art (see the painting below) and the chap with the little owl.  The council has said very little has been said about these types of street performance.

In between songs, the musicians would give their opinions on the forthcoming legislation and one comment in particular struck me: 'It's our city, not theirs.'

As I hope the image above shows, the crowd that gathered was a great mix of young and old.  It was so typically representative of Liverpool.  Old guys stumbling from the Beehive to the Blob Shop stopped to roll a fag and enjoy an acoustic version of Jessie J's 'Price Tag' then a few minutes later a group of tweenagers start tapping their feet to 1920s classic 'Minnie the Moocher'.

Each one of those people stopped of their own free will to be entertained. If they didn't like the music, they simply walked away.

It was music by all sorts of people for all sorts of people.  They were not asked to be there, many didn't know just why they were there... but they stayed.

Meanwhile, a hundred yards away River Island was still blasting out its speakers.

Remember, please sign this petition: http://keepstreetslive.com/

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